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Design of 960m Sungai Kelantan Bridge , Malaysia

AFCONS Infrastructure Ltd.

Preparation of detail design and drawings for Bridge of length 960 m with span arrangement of 45 + 7 x 60 45 + 62.5+115+62.5 +45 +2 x 60 + 45 m incremental and balanced cantilever bridge across Sg. Kelantan in Kelantan Darul Naim, Malaysia. Approach spans of 510 m on the left and 210 m on right were constructed by incremental launching method whereas the central 240 m portions were constructed using the cast-in-place balanced cantilever technique.



Proof Checking of 5 pre cast concrete segmental ramps including tunnel In Western Kuala Lumpur Traffic Dispersal scheme in Malaysia.


As independent review and approval of 5 Pre-cast Concrete Segmental Ramps.Kerinchi Interchange
Ramp A:35+50+65+52+52+42.125+33 = 329.125 (7 span continuous )
Ramp B:33+45+57.5+47+42.4+30 = 254.90 ( 6 span continuous)
Ramp D: 33+38+55+55+ 43+33 = 257.00 (6 span Continuous)
Duta Interchange
Ramp A : 26+50+50+65+50+36 = 287.00 (6 span continuous)
Ramp B : 40 +50+55+55+50+40 = 290.00 ( 6 span continuous)



Construction of Single Standard gauge Railway Line from Tema to Akosombo in Ghana on EPC Basis.

Ghana Railway Development Authority / AFCONS Infrastructure Limited.

Preparation of detailed design and drawings of Rail Under Bridges, Rail over bridges, and RCC Box structures in connection



Improvement of Dharkhar to Sarail 4-Lane National Highway Road (n-102) (Ch:45+000 to 81+054)

Government of the Peoples'sRepublic of Bangladesh / RITES /AFCONS Infrastrucutre Ltd.

Review of designs and drawings of structures as per IRC/AASHTO code including modifications in affected drawings for Package WP-02 and WP-01 in Bangladesh



Design and Construction of Lusaca City Decongestion Project on Engineering ,Procurement and Construction Basis, Zambia.

Ministry of Local Government Republic of Zambia / Afcons Infrastructure Ltd.

Preparation of detailed design and drawings of five flyovers (Makeni, Arcade, Kabwe, Long Acres, and Munali ) and widening of two ROBs near Kafue and Kabwe Roundabout in Lusaka, Zambia whereas the Superstructure for all the flyovers is having steel-concrete composite construction.